Safe Sea stops stings from jellyfish & sea lice!

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Safe Sea lotion prevents jellyfish stings
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Safe Sea with SPF 15 sunscreen

Safe Sea® sting lotion protects against most common marine stingers including jellyfish, sea lice, fire coral, and more!

There are over 13,000 species of marine stingers in the ocean, and over 200 million beachgoers around the globe are exposed to marine stingers each year.

Jellyfish and sea lice are a common problem at many cruise and dive destinations in the Caribbean and around the world.  Take Safe Sea® lotion with you on every beach vacation and make sure your trip isn't ruined by a painful jellyfish sting!

Patented Safe Sea® sting lotion protects against these common beach dangers and most other stinging marine organisms...

jellyfish stingsJellyfish - Inhabiting all the world's oceans, jellyfish are a constant threat to swimmers, surfers, and divers.
Sea liiceSea Lice - Swimming along Florida's Atlantic coastline or in the Carribean between March and September exposes you to a 1 in 4 risk of being stung by sea lice.
Fire coralFire Coral - Found throughout the Pacific and Carribean,  fire coral inflicts thousands of divers a year with its painful sting. Sea nettleSea Nettle - Research shows that over 500,000 people are stung by sea nettle in Chesapeake Bay alone each year.
Safe Sea® jellyfish sting prevention lotion is manufactured by Nidaria, Inc.