Safe Sea stops stings from jellyfish & sea lice!

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Frequently-asked questions about Safe Sea® lotion

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Is Safe Sea® lotion biodegradable and is it harmful to fish or reef?
While the bottle is made of plastic and NOT biodegradable, the Safe Sea® lotion IS biodegradable and non-toxic for the marine environment (including fish and coral). Safe Sea does not actually harm the jellyfish you may merely keeps them from stinging you.
Is Safe Sea® lotion waterproof?  How often should I reapply it?
Safe Sea® lotion provides durable waterproof sting and sun protection.  For normal activity, re-apply every 80 minutes or after prolonged swimming, towel-drying, or excessive sweating. Remember, the water you're swimming in (especially the open water) creates friction and will wear the lotion down over time. The harder you play, the more frequently you'll need to stop and re-apply.
How much Safe Sea should I order for my trip?
How much Safe Sea you'll need depends on many factors including how much time you spend in the water each day, how active you are in and out of the water, and how thickly you apply the lotion.
To get a general idea of how much to order, figure at least 1oz for an all-over application on an average adult or roughly four (head to toe) applications per bottle.  If you reapply as directed every 80 minutes, each bottle should provide at least 5 hours of continuous protection for one adult.  If you cut the useage in half for a child as an estimate, each bottle will provide roughly 10 hours of continuous protection for each child. Estimate how much actual "water time" you expect per day and use that as your guide. Remember, Safe Sea has a shelf life of 3 years so you can always save what you don't use for your next trip.
Is Safe Sea® lotion available in stores?
Safe Sea® sting prevention lotion is available in some dive and specialty shops seasonally, however it can be relatively hard to find and your safest option is to order direct online if you definitely need it by a certain date.  It is not currently available at any major chain stores except on a store-by-store basis. We do not have a list of retail distributors that we can provide at this time.
What types of jellyfish is Safe Sea® effective against?
Safe Sea® has been scientifically developed to prevent the stings of most jellyfish (including Atlantic Box jellyfish and Rhopilema), Sea Nettle and Seabathers Eruption (commonly known as sea lice). All of these belong to the Cnidarian family and each shares the same stinging mechanism. Safe Sea targets this stinging mechanism...not the individual jellyfish. So all members of the phylum will have an extremely difficult time getting past Safe Sea.
What sunscreen formula is used in Safe Sea?
The sunscreen used in Safe Sea contains Octinoxate, Octisalate, Oxybenzone, and Titanium Dioxide (SPF30+ for sensitive skin) or Zinc Oxide (all other sunscreen varieties).  It is PABA-free and non-comedogenic. Click here for complete list of ingredients.
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What is the shelf life for Safe Sea®?
For maximum strength, use within 3 years.

Is Safe Sea lotion safe to use on children?

All varieties of Safe Sea® are approved for use on children six months of age and older.  The SPF30+ variety contains an alternate sunscreen formula which is less likely to cause a reaction on children with sensitive skin.  We do not recommend using the lotion on babies younger than six months old.
Safe Sea® jellyfish sting prevention lotion is manufactured by Nidaria, Inc.